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Unfortunately, getting certificates and doing research is not free - I will have some out of pocket expenses. Below is a rough guide as to how much it is likely to cost. All you need to do is contact me first and I can give you a better idea. I can accept Paypal as well as cheques drawn on a UK bank account.

Post 1855 Records research

The following preliminary research is based on information from a friend. All I had to go on were the name of his grandparents and his mother’s date of birth – 1924.

Magdalene Samson and William Younger - Marriage 1922

This certificate identified Magdalene’s age, 33, the names of her parents, Andrew Samson and Helen Craik.

Magdalene’s 1889 birth certificate confirmed the names of her parents, and the place and date of their marriage. 1880, Lintrathen.

The 1880 marriage certificate of Andrew Samson and Helen Craik gave their ages and parents' names.

As Andrew was born in 1854 it was time to look in the Old Parish Records for the marriage of his parents, Alexander Samson and Susan Rennie .

The Old Parish Record for the 1850 marriage in Forfar gave no information about Alexander and Susan, other than that they were “of the parish”.

The next step was to look at Census records for the couple. From the 1861 census I found that Andrew had been born in Aberlemno and Alexander in Glamis, both in the county of Forfarshire (now Angus).

At this point my preliminary research stopped.

A similar search for your family would cost £25.

With the information gleaned from the Statutory Records you should be able to trace not only the person you are principally interested in, but others named there too.

If you wanted me to go further ...

I could look extra Census and/or Old Parish Records

5 pieces of information there would cost

a further £25

I could even do it ALL for you..

If you want me to search One Line of your family (ie. mother or father) as far as I could go back it would cost,


This would be an ideal option for someone who does not have the time or inclination to do it all themselves. I would send copies of all the certificates and Old Parish Records I find.

All the above would be sent by email. The certificates would be in pdf or jpg format, to view onscreen or print out.


I can arrange for presentations to be done. This would mean that instead of the files coming only in pdf or jpg format, they could be printed out, in a variety of forms and sent via snail mail as:

Wall Charts
Coloured Pedigree Charts
Book Format
CD Rom
Web Site

It's difficult to give an exact price as every project is different. The best thing to do is to contact me by email and we can discuss what is needed and I will give you a rough idea of the likely cost.


Sometimes it might be possible for me to get pictures of places/areas where your relatives might have come from or the gravestones of their last resting place.

Again it is diffiicult to put an exact price on something like this because it depends on travel time and/or where I have got to source the pictures.

£25 per group of photographs.

These prices are a general guide as to what my services will cost. The best thing is to contact me and I will be able to talk to you and work out a quote as per your needs.

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