Tracing Your Scottish Family Tree

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Preliminary information re family research in Scotland.

Before embarking on a search for ancestors you should gather as much family history information as you can from relatives. The more information available, the better. Family names, including middle names can often help to differentiate one family from another.

Occupations, addresses – street, town, parish, burial grounds, church attended etc can all contribute to identifying a possible relative.

Easily obtained certificates

1854-1955 Statutory Registers

Birth 1855-1905
Marriage 1855 – 1930
Death 1855 – 1955

Census 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901.

Anything before and after these dates takes a lot of research, unless accurate information is given in the first place.

Old Parish Registers (OPRs)

Prior to 1854 there was no legal obligation to register major events, in Scotland. Parish records for the Established Church are where most of the information for births and marriages can be found.

They can be difficult to read and names and dates are not always accurate. There are very few death records, although the hire of a mort cloth (the traditional cover for the coffin) might be noted.

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